Refugee Reception & Placement

refugee reception & placement

Refugee family arriving at San Diego airportWho would want to leave their country, their parents, everything they know, to come to a strange place, with a strange language if they could be safe in their own country? It is not easy to be a refugee. I knew I would have to work hard. Work? I was not afraid of work. I was afraid my children would die.”

Since our beginning in 1918, we’ve offered resettlement services to newly arriving refugees and asylees from around the world. When we pick them up from the airport, they have only their memories, their fears, and a bag of meager belongings. They are ready to start from scratch, in a foreign country, with new customs and traditions, and a new language. They are new Americans—our next wave of American citizens.

We help them adjust to their new lives here in the U.S. We help them learn English and find jobs. We teach them how to navigate the medical system, banks, and public transportation. In the first 90 days of their arrival, we provide:

  • A fully furnished apartment
  • Ongoing cultural orientation
  • Health screenings and immunizations
  • Enrollment of children in school
  • Help applying for benefits
  • Enrollment of adults in ESL classes
  • Cash assistance 
  • A comprehensive resettlement plan, ensuring future self-sufficiency
  • Job Readiness Training and employment counseling to all employable adults
  • Help finding employment

We continue working with refugee families for the next eight months providing financial assistance, social services, case management, and acculturation programs and workshops.

For more information, call (858) 637-3030 or email. Refugee child with his parents

"I wanted a safe place to raise my children. America. there was safety in America. There was a way to make a living in America. there were doctors in America. I wouldn't have to watch my children die, like my poor mother did with my brothers. And you know everyone who has come here from somewhere else, that is why they come."

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