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Mother and DaughterEveryone wants to stay sharp, vital, independent, and in control. Participants at our College Avenue Center have the opportunity to! Participants can take part in brain fitness classes, designed to strengthen communication, memory, and thinking. Classes feature the Posit Science BrainHQ Program™—a breakthrough online-based technology designed by top scientists to improve memory and sharpen thinking.

“It just made me want to learn more, read more, study more, and play the piano more. My children said, ‘Mom, we really see a glimmer in your eye.’” -Sigrid, 70

The Posit Science BrainHQ Program™ is an innovative cognitive fitness program currently being implemented at leading retirement communities across the country. Jewish Family Service was one of the first agencies to implement this type of training program.

The Posit Science BrainHQ Program™ challenges the commonly held belief that the brain can’t retrain itself. Scientists have spent 30 years showing it is possible to “teach an old brain new tricks.” While this training program has been clinically validated, the most fascinating results are found in the stories of those who use the program. There are a number of older adults who have benefited from their mental workouts. Start with exercises in the category you most want to improve: memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence, or navigation.

Transforming LivesBrain Fitness Participant
Mental sharpness leading to happier, healthier relationships may be the most important benefit of the Brain Fitness program, but it’s not the only one. Here are a few more:

  • Listen more clearly
  • Remember better
  • Feel more alert, have more energy and focus
  • Gain the self-confidence to try new things

“I am gaining confidence. I have found that words come easier. I seem to remember the book I’m reading more.”
-Marlene, 67

Brain Fitness Classes for 55+
Offered each semester, including summer 

Next orientation is Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 9:30am. 
(You must attend the orientation and be registered to take the class.)

When it comes to brain fitness training, BrainHQ is best in class. Built by a team of top neuroscientists, with exercises proven in dozens of published studies to make real and lasting improvements in brain function, BrainHQ is your personal brain gym.

For more information, call (858) 637-3217 or email.

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