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The Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center offers a safe haven for older adults. Meet new friends and enjoy good conversations in our caring and friendly environment. Join us Monday – Thursday, 10:00am – 2:00pm. If you are scheduling your first visit, JFS also provides door-to-door transportation to the Center via On the Go – transportation solutions for older adults.

We serve healthy mind, body, and spirit.
We engage the whole person with nutritious, kosher lunches, daily exercise, a stimulating mix activities, and Memories in the Making art classes.

Every day is different.
Each day offers a new combination of games and events, visitors and speakers, films and presentations, live music and entertainment, dancing and cultural celebrations.

We love what we do. 
Our staff and volunteers are knowledgeable about the aging process and share a passion for working with older adults.

On the Go gets you there and back. 
Transportation to and from the Center is provided by On the Go: Transportation Solutions for Older Adults.

Special focus on welcoming older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).
With our partnership with Alzheimer’s San Diego, our specially trained staff and our programs are designed to welcome older adults with early stage Alzheimer’s and related forms of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

Looking for something to do on Fridays? 
Call On the Go to learn more about our Out & About Excursions.
Every trip is professionally guided and includes lunch at a restaurant or deli.

Theresa S. birthday

Feel like this could be the place for you? Let us treat you to lunch. 

To schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one, call us at (858) 637-3388.

The Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center offers a safe haven for older adults. Meet new friends and enjoy good conversations in our caring and friendly environment. You’re sure to leave the center with a smile. We offer:

  • Professional, caring staff
  • Social, educational, and recreational programs
  • Nutritionally-balanced Kosher lunch
  • Excellent exercise classes
  • Sing-a-longs, dances, and live entertainment
  • Four hours of meaningful and enriching activities for older adults
  • Appropriate for older adults with early stages of dementia and Alzheimer's

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BAOAC In the News 

Join JFS as we go Out & About
Fridays | 11:00am - 3:00pm
Out & About Horse Sanctuary visit
Out & About group enjoyed a visit to Tir Na Nogan, San Diego's oldest horse sanctuary, where they were greeted by Horse Ambassador Simone.  

Friends. Adventure. And lunch!
Out & About brings together older adults with early stage Alzheimer’s and related forms of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) for weekly adventures to interesting places across San Diego. Every trip is professionally guided and includes lunch with friends at a restaurant or deli.

Each Friday, our group will meet at set pickup locations across San Diego and head out to tour art and history museums, visit parks and nature preserves, enjoy cruises around San Diego Bay, and stop off at historic landmarks and other local attractions. Round trip transportation is provided by On the Go.

Ready to go? Call (858) 637-3388 to make your reservation today!

Click here for a listing of fun upcoming excursions.

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On the Go is a division of Charitable Adult Rides & Services, Inc.


Programs & Services

Lazar_Esther_dancingCultural Presentations & Current Events
Programs include educational lectures, current events, discussions, holiday celebrations, and more.

Weekly musical groups, classical music performances, and dance performances.

Fitness Classes
Fun and upbeat classes include Chair & Dance Exercise and Yoga for Older Adults.

Enjoy playing Bingo, brain games, and more.

Nutritious Kosher Meals
Enjoy a hot Kosher lunch served each day at 12:00pm.

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Hours & Fees

Woman playing Bingo at University City Older Adult CenterThe Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center is open Monday–Thursday | 10:00am–2:00pm. 

$27 includes 4 hours of:

  • Activities
  • Exercise class
  • Hot Kosher lunch
  • Entertainment

For members who only participate in one of the activities, fees are $5 per hour. For caregivers who stay for lunch, fees are $7 to cover the cost of their meal.

Roundtrip transportation is available to participants living in the surrounding areas. To reserve your ride in advance, call (858) 637-3388.

Distance One-Way Roundtrip
0-3 miles $4.50 $9
3.1-6 miles $5.50 $11
6.1-9 miles $6.50 $13

Become a Member    

New members pay a $30 one-time enrollment fee.

baoac_bingoMembers Receive:

  • Admission to special events and programs
  • Monthly newsletters and program calendar with all events and programs
For more information, call (858) 637-3388 or email.

Caregiver Support Group

Caring for our loved ones can sometimes require a lot of energy. It’s important to make sure you re-energize yourself, too! We invite you to join the Caregiver Support Group. Share your experiences and challenges with others who understand what you are going through. Find friendship, support, and relief. You are not alone and there are people who care and understand your situation.

Our Caregiver Support Group meets every month. For days and more information, contact Aviva Saad at (858) 637-3388 or


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Memories in the Making
Second & Fourth Monday of each month 

memories in the making header image

Art is a medium of communication that allows for self expression, storytelling, social interaction, and fun! Memories in the Making® is a unique program that encourages persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia to express themselves through art. Through the creative process, participants can benefit from:

  • Increased attention span and focus
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Connection with peers in a social setting
  • The opportunity to record memories with visual images

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia are invited to attend along with an adult caregiver or family member.

For more information, call us at (858) 637-3388.



In the News

Click here to read La Jolla Today's special feature article about the UCOAC - now the Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center (BAOAC).

Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center:
Bringing People to Life

Sam, 75, suffers from Alzheimer’s. His wife needed a safe place for him to be when she was not available to take care of him. Sam’s first visits to the  the University City Older Adult Center - now the Balboa Avenue Older Adult Center (BAOAC) - were very positive and encouraging to his wife. He was happy and she was able to enjoy her free time to care for her own needs.

In the beginning, Sam was quiet, introverted, and shy. His speech and ability to communicate with others had been affected as a result of the disease. However, after just a few weeks, Sam began to learn how to communicate with others and develop new tools to become an active participant at the Center. Playing Bingo is difficult for him, but a volunteer is always at his side helping him and making sure he enjoys the game. Exercising is also difficult for Sam, but with the right encouragement and persistence, he is able to complete the one-hour chair exercise class. At lunchtime, he is always chatting and enjoying the conversation with his friends

But it’s after lunch when Sam really comes to life…when the entertainment begins. The moment he hears the music play, his heart, mind, and body react in such a rhythmic way and he is able to express himself through dancing. Dancing has become his new passion—his reason to live and come to the Center. Sam loves being able to dance and bring joy to the rest of the group.

His wife said that before beginning the program, dancing had not been a part of Sam’s life. Yet, as a result of participating in the Center, Sam has discovered a new way of expressing himself and showing the world the love and passion he feels for life.

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