Serving Older Holocaust Survivors (SOS)

Serving Older Holocaust Survivors (SOS)

Irma Stein, a 94 year old Holocaust survivor, shares her message of strength and resilience to the world on Yom Ha'Shoa 2014.

Holocaust survivors are a very important group in our community, and JFS is dedicated to making them feel connected and cherished by the San Diego community. We cannot take away their horrendous memories, but we can ensure that their last years are spent in dignity living in safe and healthy environments.

A large number of survivors struggle to live with limited finances and no family in the area. Our Geriatric Care Specialists provide care management services, advocacy, translation services, assistance with claims forms, medical escort, homemaker services, and emergency funding to low-income Holocaust survivors. Clients receive assistance with paying for homecare and emergency needs through funding from the Claims Conference, the Change a Life Foundation, and donations.

Soon There Will Be No More Survivors

"We say people must remember the Holocaust in the future, but we’re ignoring its victims today." Click here to launch the multimedia portfolio, with photographs by Jason Florio, that tells the stories of 9 Holocaust survivors living in the New York area.

Holocaust Survivor Frances Irwin

Dora and MargaritaOur supportive social program, Copley Café, provides social activities and holiday celebrations for older Holocaust survivors to enjoy with others who have been through similar life experiences. For many, Copley Café events provide their only social outings. The program got its name from Copley Avenue, where the group was originally located.

Past Copley Café events have included concerts, a trip to the San Diego Jewish Academy, visits to synagogues for inter-generational programs, and trips to CeramiCafé, where survivors paint mugs and plates. The SOS program has also sponsored several Jewish holiday and cultural programs for more than 100 Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors.

For more information about the Serving Older Holocaust Survivors (SOS) program, call (858) 637-3040 or email.

Claims Conference funds can now serve Survivors who reside in independent living facilities (on a limited basis)

Holocaust survivors throughout the world are helped by an agency called the Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc., which is referred to as the “Claims Conference”. Since 1951, the Claims Conference has negotiated with the German government on behalf of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution to provide for payments directly to individual survivors and grants to social service organizations serving survivors. Jewish Family Service is the local social service organization in San Diego that assists Jewish Nazi victims with a variety of needs, one of which is applying for compensation payment programs (either a one-time payment or quarterly/monthly payments, depending on persecution history). Additional services are available to low-income Jewish Nazi Victims who reside independently in their own home and whose income is below the 200% of the United States Federal poverty level. The social service agencies provide homecare and cleaning services, comprehensive case management, emergency financial assistance, and socialization programs. (Homecare services have expanded to include survivors residing in independent living facilities as well). These essential services allow Jewish Nazi victims to remain in their homes as long as possible.

News from the Claims Conference, August 13, 2009

Re-Opening German Social Security Claims for Ghetto Workers
Following a decision of the German Federal Social Court (Bundessozialgericht) in early June 2009, tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors previously rejected for German Social Security payments under the country’s “Ghetto Pension Law” (ZRBG) have an opportunity for a reconsideration of their rejected claims pursuant to newly liberalized guidelines. The rulings relate to a number of issues of interpretation of the ghetto pension law, including the definition of “remuneration,” “voluntary labor” and the existence of age limits.

Re-Examination of Denied Ghetto Pension Claims
The German Social Security Administration has begun conducting a proactive review of all rejected ZRBG/Ghetto Pension claims. ZRBG officials also state their intention of implementing the new court decisions in a rapid and un-bureaucratic manner. Applicants whose Ghetto Pension claims were denied do not need to request the re-opening of their claims in accordance with the court rulings of June 2009, nor do they have to contact the ZRBG offices in Germany to have their files reviewed.

Support was provided by the URO Charitable Lead Trust Limited and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance Fund, Administered by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, for the benefit of needy Jewish Nazi Victims.



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Support was provided by the URO Charitable Lead Trust Limited and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance Fund, Administered by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, for the benefit of needy Jewish Nazi Victims.

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